Paper Mille Feuilles

/Hand woven piece

/viscose raffia, paper

Drawing inspiration from everyday food experiences of wrapping, Amber’s work present a woven story of concealing and revealing. It is a continuing practice from her MA dissertation, A Study of the Interaction of the Wrapper, the Wrapped and the Unwrapped, in which she focused on wrapping, as both material action and metaphorical metamorphosis, the practice itself is a combination of modern aesthetic and traditional craftsmanship. Wrapping Cloth emphasises composition through subtlety in colour, texture and mood, as well as the construction of volume in both two and three dimensional spaces.

Through hand and jacquard weaving Amber interprets her observations of colour and material into multi-dimensional layered forms. Specifically, she is working on various expressions of layering, both in jacquard and dobby weave, to create multi-layered structure woven as one single piece. Each piece is designed to be double faced. For dobby woven pieces, with partly attached, partly separate layering structure, a subtle yet dramatic 2D to 3D transformation can be performed and displayed in different ways.