Commercial - D assumed, unless geotechnical report provided. • OSSC Section 1613.6 amending ASCE 7, Section, Item c, “suspended ceilings” in Seismic Design Categories D through F as follows: c. For ceiling areas exceeding 1,000 square feet (13.4 m 2), horizontal ft. Although you may hear the terms “seismic zone” and “seismic hazard zone” used interchangeably, they really describe two slightly different things. STRUCTURAL DESIGN 348 2014 OREGON STRUCTURAL SPECIALTY CODE 4. , and to interpolate between values in Tables R602.10.3(3), R603.9.2(1) and other seismic design requirements of … 5. Wind Pressure. Source: CISCA zones 3-4 • “Powder-driven shot-in-anchors” (PAF’s), when used for seismic Categories D, E and F, shall have an ICC-ES approval for seismic NEHRP Recommended Seismic Provisions for New Buildings and Other Structures Snow: • Per 2014 OSSC, Ground snow load is based on Snow Load Analysis for Oregonas published by the Structural Engineer Association of Oregon. Use of live load reduc- OSSC section 1613 is used to design for earthquake loads. ... Conservative contingencies should be built in to all budget categories. Seismic Design . (OR‐9) Oregon House Bill 3144 (1999) Created a new category of engineering license in Oregon, structural engineer for the design of significant structures. Design load-bearing values of soils. Design and Construction FEMA 232 ─ June 2006 Prepared by the Building Seismic Safety Council for the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the Department of Homeland Security National Institute of Building Sciences Washington, D.C. Oregon Seismic Design History . Use of live load reduction in While ASCE 7 allows use of a number of analysis procedures, the equivalent lateral force (ELF) procedure is most commonly used for seismic design of buildings in the U.S. For further information on Building Seismic Safety Council activities and products, see the Council’s web-site ( or write the Building Seismic Safety Council, National Institute of Building Sciences, 1090 Vermont, Avenue, for other work covered under these provisions the design standard shall be fema 178, nehrp handbook for the seismic evaluation of existing buildings. Identify service priorities 2. The IBC establishes the minimum lateral seismic design forces for which buildings must be designed primarily by reference to ASCE 7. 12, Seismic Design of Cold-Formed Steel Lateral Load-Resisting Systems – A Guide for Practicing Engineers, in PDF format. 2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC) 2019 Oregon Zero Energy Ready Commercial Code (Chapter 13 of the 2019 OSSC) ... Seismic: Design Category is D1. Supporting Documents. Total and differential settlement. Model T Ford Chrysler Model B -70 . Source: Prof. Peter Dusicka, PSU The damage potential categories are derived from the peak ground velocity map and tsunami inundation maps developed by DOGAMI for the Oregon … The value of S DS determined in accordance with Section 1613.3 of the International Building Code is permitted to be used to set the seismic design category in accordance with Table R301. Manning Design+Construction is a leading Portland, Oregon based green roofing and seismic reinforcement contractor. All locations within or administered by the City of Portland are classified as Seismic Design Category D in accordance with the procedures of the OSSC. 6. Dimensional lumber span chart (82 KB) Design Criteria for Central Point Building Department (125 KB) Building. Establish design earthquake 4. The US Geological Survey has additional information that will assist in design. recognized in the seismic design requirements. Establish level of service goals 3. Seismic design category shall be "D" unless site specific conditions increase design category to "E or F" (reference codes American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE/SEI 7-05). The provisions of this chapter prescribe the seismic design requirements for existing buildings undergoing changes of occupancy, additions, alterations, catastrophic damage, fire, or earthquake repair, or mandatory or voluntary seismic strengthening. Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturers Association, contact Mr. Robert Ecker, 610-971-4850. assigned to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F. - Structural systems designated as part of the seismic force-resisting system shall be restricted to those permitted by ASCE 7. The design wind speeds (3-second gust) for WA County are: Wind exposure category must be determined by the Engineer of Record based upon site conditions. Assumed 1500 psf max Without engineered soil bearing analysis. Per ORSC Figure 301.2(2), all residential buildings/structures located in the City of Gresham or areas where it has jurisdiction shall be assigned Seismic Design Category D 1 A seismic zone is used to describe an area where earthquakes tend to focus; for example, the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the Central United States. Rain load data, where pertinent to the structural design (see Section 1611). Liquefaction. 1603.1.1 Floor Live Load. For structures assigned to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F, a geotechnical investigation shall be conducted, and shall include an evaluation of all of the following potential geologic and seismic hazards: . Slope instability. Modern . 2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC) > 6 Wall Construction > R606 General Masonry Construction > R606.12 Seismic Requirements > R606.12.2 Seismic Design Category C > R606.12.2.2 Design of Elements Not Part of the Lateral Force-Resisting System Design load-bearing values of soils. Seismic design category and site class. Photos provided by: A.O. Limited Seismic . 4/4/19 Business Oregon ... school projects must design the retrofit to seismic life safety standards unless the project is for a shelter which then must be designed to seismic immediate occupancy standards. All photos used with permission. Residential projects falling under the ORSC shall use seismic zone D1. For the list of exemptions, refer to the Oregon Structural Specialty Code 2014 Edition, ... Our area is typically in seismic design category D for commercial buildings and D1 for residential buildings. Smith Water Products Company AdobeAir, Inc. Amber/Booth Company American Standard, Inc. ITT Industries/Bell & Gossett ITT Industries/Precision Stanless Bryan Steam, LLC Aqua-Chem, Inc. Design load-bearing values of soils. ft. Intermediate Duty Passed With these certified IBC-compliant assemblies, USG is the only manufacturer to offer: Seismic design category and site class. Frost Depth. The seismic design category for a structure is permitted to be determined in accordance with Section 1613 or ASCE 7. Seismic design framework [Discussion focused on AWWA M41 Proposed Chapter] Seismic framework steps: 1. We specialize in building and maintaining green roofs (ecoroofs) and other rooftop construction - including rooftop patios, rooftop gardens, rooftop decks and rooftop solar. Design for seismic risk mitigation AWWA M41 Chapter 14. The colors in the maps denote “seismic design categories” (SDCs), which reflect the likelihood of experiencing earthquake shaking of various intensities. Seismic design criteria for residential buildings/structures shall be in determined in accordance with Chapter 3 of the ORSC. The uniformly distributed, con-centrated and impact floor live load used in the design shall be indicated for floor areas. County Design Requirements: Soil Bearing Capacity. Except for Seismic Design Category A, for which Chapter 21 does not apply, the following provisions shall be … Severe. Establish design standards and methods 6. structure in such a manner that they can support a design load of not less than 200 pounds or the actual design load, with a safety factor of 2, whichever is greater (figure 6b). potential seismic risk as represented by the Seismic Design Category increases, the Provisions requires progressively more rigorous seismic design and construction as a means of attempting to ensure that all buildings provide an acceptable risk to the public. (Building design and construction professionals use SDCs specified in building codes to determine the level of seismic resistance required for new buildings.) Residential - C for 2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code. If you are unsure of the answer to any of the above questions try checking the structural notes page of your project documents where they are generally listed, or take a moment to read Understanding Seismic Design Categories (SDC).Seismic requirements can be tricky, if you would rather have someone walk you through your project to figure out the requirements please take a moment and … 5. With the recent global seismic activity, there is a renewed interest in the steps the State of Oregon has taken concerning the seismic design and construction of structures. Flood design data, if located in flood hazard areas established in Section 1612.3. Search form. 178831,189201, 189309 and 189747, effective October 23, 2019.) The specifications below are for standard applications. seismic design requirements for change of occupancy and structural additions the design standard shall be the current edition of oregon structural specialty code. section 9.610 The uniformly distributed, con-centrated and impact floor live load used in the design shall be indicated for floor areas. (Amended by Ordinance Nos. Seismic. Design # of Bridges ODOT Constructed. Evaluate project specific seismic hazards 5. The project requirements which include the seismic design category can be found in Section 1 of the specification and on the first page of the structural drawings. 12. OSSC section 1609.1.1 is used for wind design. Thus, as the SDC for a structure increases, so do the strength and Handouts. Rain load data. Seismic design category and site class. Flood design data, if located in flood hazard areas established in Section 1612.3. by the flood plain administrator. • The presentation slides in PDF format, which will be available for download the day before the webinar. Chevy Impala Honda Civic . Business Oregon announced grant awards. The damage categories are taken from the Modified Mercalli Intensity scale, which is based on observed effects on people, objects, and buildings. Among the topics addressed are the national seismic hazard maps developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS); the seismic design maps incorporated in the building codes and standard, as well as an overview of the seismic design procedures contained in the building codes. Weathering. Hawthorne (1910) Morrison (1958) Sauvie Island (2008) Sellwood (2016) Burnside (1926) Broadway (1912) Seismic Design . The seismic design category must be specified by a professional engineer or registered architect on the project drawings per ASCE 7. 1603.1.1 Floor live load. 15lbs per square foot. Standard Seismic Applications Guide - IBC Category D, E, F The following are all the IBC Category D,E,F 2 Code Requirements for lay-in acoustical panels and direct-hung acoustical tiles. Seismic design category and site class. 1603.1.1 Floor live load. The purpose of this paper is to offer a concise history of those standards that govern seismic design in the State of Oregon and provide a 18" min. Ground snow loads at a specific site can be Not Considered . A seismic hazard zone describes an area with a particular level of hazard due to Flood design data, if located in flood hazard areas established in Section 1612.3. A. System Design Seismic Design Maximum Ceiling Allowable Suspension Test Result Category System Weight Tested System Load Carrying Capacity System DXL-H D, E, F 2.50 lbs./sq. The uniformly distributed, concentrated and impact floor live load used in the design … Appendix 11A. Design load-bearing values of soils. Surface displacement due to faulting or seismically induced lateral spreading or lateral flow. The webinar handouts are available for download.These free handouts include the following documents: • NEHRP Seismic Design Technical Brief No. Heavy Duty Passed System DXL-I-C C 2.27 lbs./sq. Institute of Building Sciences.

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