Returning Players Guide - Lots of Changes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global and JP | FFBE GL JP - Duration: 13:50. 100% up-time on mitigations - 30% physical/magic and 50% general. Time limited unit; Magic dark chainer. My understanding of Auto Mode was that it relegated your units to base melee attacks. His base kit is good but not super exciting and features a set of rather basic abilities with a ST provoke with a 35% mitigation, the AoE cover with the usual 60% cover mitigation on average and a ST 60% fullbreak that can be neat in emergency situations or for those who don't have a better breaker. Overview: FFBE’s Trial Bosses are no joke, as they test your mettle and willpower. Paladin Cecil is an absolute unit with an amazing kit. He is the first tank to have W-/T-Cast on all of his abilities including his cover, enabling him to be very quick and using his good supportive capabilities with ease while having the unique aspect of a potential permanent 75% general mitigation that makes him a lot tankier. Gilgamesh is a nightmare… Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Top that off with e.g. Passive wise they have a total of 50% HP/DEF/SPR, 90% MP but 220% MAG and 100% MTDH or MTDW. Righteous Verdict increases Templar's Verdict 's damage by 15% for 6 seconds after casting Templar's Verdict. Just my 2 cents but I think you’re better off with LunaFreya’s magic mitigation which is 40-50%. Deus Gaming 540 views. Since he's a CG protagonist, he'll get his LB right at the start of the battle filled up.This helps your team immensely and on turns that you might rather keep the T-Cast from dark mode you'll have a 50% mitigation instead of a 75% one, which is still huge. - Page 3. Unless you have issues keeping your Charlotte alive you don't need to pull :), and here i am 30k lapis and only 2 palom porom and 0 cecil later. Executing your rotation properly in World of Warcraft can mean the difference between a kill or a wipe. Units. Paladin Cecil – When it comes to mage tanks, Paladin Cecil is currently the best one available. Though both were very looked forward to, Cecil edges out the unit with no name. Paladin Cecil & Emperor Foo seem to compliment each other pretty well, especially if you're looking to spam LBs. But he won't have the dark abilities!If we want to get into his Dark Mode, we'll have to use an ability that swaps the modes and applies a 1 Turn 75% generic mitigation on Cecil. Gumi refuse to give me P. Cecil , Kryla, AWOL, XWQL, WoL Lenna and Lunafreya, Kryla, AWOL, XWQL, WoL Lenna and P. Cecil. It's a neat combo considering they're both tanks and both (partially in AWoL's case) can multi-cast. Unit 4. Unit 2. And that even if you select LB on T1 and then press Auto, it will only LB that turn, and not the rest of the missions. This thread is really discuss potential synergies with other Tanks/Supports, Creative Gearing set ups, Difficult Mechanics that Cecil can now bypass or mitigate with ease, and also ask questions and get more granular and centralized with the discussion rather than individual questions in the Questions Megathread and waiting for the release of the "reddit official" reviews. P&P have some slight team support that can be used at any point in their combo with an AoE 1x Mirage and 20% magic mitigation buff, which is not bad. /shrug. Paladin Cecil A knight who appears in the tales of a blue planet watched over by two moons. Press J to jump to the feed. I gave up pulling at three PP. FFBE's congested inventory management is soul-draining IMO, I just can't power through it sometimes. He will be among the best for a very long time! Jade, Azure, Violet, Citron, Scarlet. I'm pretty sure they are planning some sort of David Bowie collab and mixed up the sprites. 1 Story 2 Stats 3 Limit Burst 4 Skills 5 Navigation The older twin born to King Oelde and Queen Helena of Leonis. Meteor and Flare in the game were non-elemental and they were able to learn all different elemental spells. I can always swap out a tank for Lunafreya if need be. Create New Unit . For Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Paladin Cecil worth UoC prism ?" Both available at Turn 1 with a 2 turn cooldown they can have two different Quad-Cast unlocks on low-CD that add 2 abilities respectively and some extra effects.Palom's Turn has an AoE 4 turn 120% fire imperil and Porom's Turn an AoE 5k HP / turn for 4 turns with an AoE 100% fire resistance buff.The added abilities aren't half bad either and consist of a self 200% MAG buff which we will use (if you have an external 150%+ MAG buff, skip it), an AoE 70% DEF/SPR break or a Curaga Heal that'll cast a Curaja on the next turn, too. Bard meta. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. Stack that with Auto LB on units and you'll see a spam of LBs for days. 30k lapis and 40 tickets later, 2 palom porom and 0 cecil. Not only would you need a triple imperil to get consistently high damage but also have to hope the enemy isn't resisted against one of them. xD. In the Dark Mode we gain yet another set of different abilities but T-Cast this time. The concept is the same: If you want to go back to the Light Mode, gotta use the same ability.For tanking purposes this is why we will alternate between T-Cast and W-Cast. There's also a tool in work that'll make the unit ranking update so much easier as it negates a ton of the incredibly annoying work of image replacement + linking. No Limit Burst, just casually using it. Trust Master Reward : Mark of the Paladin (Materia) - Increase HP (30%)Increase SPR (30%) when equipped with a heavy shieldIncrease SPR (30%) when equipped with heavy armor, STMR : Mythgraven Blade (Sword) - 85 ATK, 165 SPR, 20% SPR. He struggles with showing his emotions, his meekness catches others off guard, ill-fitting his initial role as … Unit 5. Cecil has a neat CG LB even if it's a bit over the top. While only losing ~100 MAG and the free materia slot compared to the damage build, we can get roughly 4k more HP with 150 more DEF and 350 SPR (only roughly those numbers, not exact). I don't get though why they are locked to fire. But other than that the quality of life of being able to multi-cast on a tank with a good roster of strong abilities is in my opinion unmatched.

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